About Us

On April 17, 2014 we published a provincial strategy to grow Manitoba’s Information Communication Technology sector which was informed by our Spring 2014 field research.

Read the full report here- PDF

For Manitoba’s Information Communication Technology sector to be more competitive we need to provide cutting-edge solutions and tools, drive productivity and supply the expertise required to improve efficiency across all industries.

To do that, our Information Communication Technology community needs to unite the efforts of government and industry, inspire and support our entrepreneurs, encourage commercialization, develop our human capital and infrastructure.

To capitalize on the opportunities that evolving technology presents to us we also need to build our overall industry capacity.

Accordingly, the four actionable mandates for 2014 are to: Educate, Collaborate, Advocate, and Elevate. This summaries our short term objectives.

For full details on our mandate / Information Communication Technology Strategy - click here