About Us

ICTAM is an evangelist, advocate and conduit for connection for our stakeholders in Manitoba’s tech industry.

Through collaboration, networking and presenting key events like conferences and workshops, we bring together government, educators, non-profits, private enterprise and consumers to promote and lead the rise of the information and communication technologies industry in Manitoba.

We connect with all aspects of our community – from inspiring and supporting our entrepreneurs to developing human potential to spurring infrastructure growth.

At ICTAM, we believe in Manitoba’s potential as a national and world leader in building and cultivating an ecosystem with the infrastructure and the legislation the global tech community needs to thrive. With the support of our member organizations, we work to make this vision a reality.

ICTAM is managed by a Board of Directors representing the cross section of the ICT industry. There are twelve Directors and two ex-officio seats on the ICTAM Board. In addition to the Board, ICTAM activities and programs are guided by Advisory and Stakeholder Groups. ICTAM is affiliated with two national ICT associations: Information and Communication Technology Council of Canada (ICTC) and Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC). ICTAM is also a member of TECNA, the Technology Councils of North America. It has a local relationship with the Canadian Information Processors Society (CIPS). In addition, ICTAM is a member of the Alliance of Manitoba Sector Councils, The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce and The Manitoba Chamber of Commerce.

ICTAM has over 130 corporate members representing approximately 10,000 employees.


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