Open Call For Expressions of Interest: Samsung in Winnipeg

When opportunity knocks, you're supposed to answer.

The Samsung Visual Display User Experience team is headed to Canada from Silicon Valley on the week of April 10th. They're looking to meet with and get to know the Canadians who are making things happen.

You know. People like you.

Let's bring the Samsung team to Winnipeg.

Let us know you're interested and describe how your company's projects fit into the Visual Display User Experience team's areas of interest.

Samsung Visual Display User Experience is responsible for crafting customer experiences through prototyping, testing, and design iteration. They're all about adaptive, connected devices powered by simple, consistent interfaces.

Here's what they're looking for:
- artificial intelligence
- context awareness
- Big Data user analytics
- user interaction and content recommendation
- security
- cloud UI/cloud computing
- display technology
- speaker and audio technology
- wireless and wired data transmission

So. Interested?

You're either in or you're out and, trust us, in is so much better.

Send your expression of interest and a brief description of how your work aligns with the areas of interest to