Slack for ICTAM Members

For those that don’t know, Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration tool. It will replace a lot of your email (especially those back and forth discussions), help keep everyone in the loop, and give you a place to easily communicate with staff and other members, regardless of their physical location.

One of Slack’s biggest advantages as a member community are its threaded conversations (channels) to host real-time chat, in turn promoting real-time engagement. Members have the freedom to join and contribute to the channels most relevant to their interests, and avoid sifting through a stream of general content. Plus, having categorized conversations in channels makes them easier to find and reference later. Any member with an internet connection can access Slack and contribute to the conversation, and easily see the conversations that are new since their last visit.

ICTAM members will have the opportunity to join #general and #news_events
o    #general: Use this channel to connect with everyone on the ICTAM team and other member companies and to post general questions regarding your membership. We will post videos/tutorials how to use Memberzone and pay invoices online, how to use Slack, member benefits, etc. 
o    #news_events: Post and promote your company’s events, news (include a link to the article), or success story! We will use this channel to curate content for the ICTAM monthly newsletter and our social channels along with sharing info about upcoming ICTAM events.

Join the ICTAM Slack channel and stay in the loop!

*this is an ICTAM member benefit, so if you're not a member, join today!