March 2017 - MTS Presents: The Innovators 2017

The Innovators is coming.

On April 19, ICTAM members will network with each other and with Janet Bannister, founder of and Partner at Real Ventures, Canada’s largest early-stage venture capital firm. Prior to working at Kijiji, Janet worked for eBay, helping turn that company from a catalogue for collectibles into a mainstream marketplace.

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March 2017 - #Canada150? How about #IBM100

They’ve come a long way since scales and punch-cards.

Historically, hardware has been International Business Machines – better known as IBM’s – bread and butter. These days, they’re looking a little… well, softer.

“Our organization has gone through so many transformations over the years,” says Loren Cisyk, General Manager, Prairies for IBM. “But despite that, it’s fairly easy to boil down what we’re all about.

“Ten to fifteen years ago, if you asked anyone what IBM was, the answer would have been PCs, hardware, that kind of thing. These days it’s all about cognitive and cloud computing.”

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March 2017 - Red River College

We all know the saying: In the job hunt, it’s not what you know – it’s who you know.

Luckily for its students, Red River College stacks the deck.

Combining experiential learning with technology, work co-ops, placements and mentorships, the post-secondary institution helps students gain skills and build networks while they’re still in school. World-class instructors teach students the skills they need to be competitive in the job market in occupations associated with business, nursing, engineering, computer science and communications. The college uses state-of-the-art, industry-standard technology to bring its students up to snuff and get them job-ready.

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March 2017 - Economic Development Winnipeg

As one of the organizations responsible for showing the world what Winnipeg has to offer, Economic Development Winnipeg (EDW)’s mandate includes promoting the development of industry, culture and tourism to the city.

EDW promotes investment and capacity building, leveraging cutting-edge marketing to illustrate its economic development programming and partnerships with other organizations in the country and provincially.

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