January 2017 - Consultica

With a body of work that spans borders, years and platforms, Consultica is a premier, full-service mobile app consultancy that works with its clients to build quality, user-centric and analytically enabled applications.

Knowing your audience is a basic tenet of business, and Consultica carries that teaching through all facets of its operation. Consultica understands and caters to its own audiences and to its clients. From working collaboratively with its clients to strategizing, designing and distributing each client’s projects to their respective audiences in specific, distinct ways, Consultica ensures its projects add value to all stakeholders.

Since 2009, the company has developed hundreds of iOS, Android and web apps for clients across Canada, the U.S. and Europe. Providing an arsenal of services under one roof, Consultica applies its user-focused expertise in all stages – from planning to design to distribution to analytics.

Consultica has offices in Winnipeg, California and Ukraine. Some of its most prominent pieces of work include enterprise-scale apps improving efficiency for the Paramedic Association of Manitoba and TREK Geotechnical Inc.

See more of Consultica’s work and get in touch with them to start your project at www.consulti.ca.