March 2017 - Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology

Manitoba’s trades and industry sectors are always growing and the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (MITT) is there to fuel that growth.

As Manitoba’s newest public college, MITT helps students from high school to near retirement age gain skills that make them desirable in trades and industries on the rise in Manitoba.

Offering over 20 full and part-time programs that lead to certificates, accreditations, diplomas and apprenticeships, MITT helps both young and mature students kick-start careers in auto mechanics, business administration, carpentry, cloud administration and cyber defence, electrical applications, network and computer technology and administration, and more.

In programs that cater to high school students, international and post-secondary students, MITT’s compassionate and skilful instructors make practical education as accessible as possible, helping boost Manitoba’s economy by developing some of the industries on which its growth depends.