March 2017 - MTS Presents: The Innovators 2017

The Innovators is coming.

On April 19, ICTAM members will network with each other and with Janet Bannister, founder of and Partner at Real Ventures, Canada’s largest early-stage venture capital firm. Prior to working at Kijiji, Janet worked for eBay, helping turn that company from a catalogue for collectibles into a mainstream marketplace.

Attendees at the event have the chance to hear Janet talk innovation and business with Allan Gregg, our host and Chairman at Harris/Decima, a company that works in research, policy, consultation and communications. Allan helps his clients make sense of the complex interplay between economy, public opinion, business interest and government initiatives as he provides consultation work for prestigious clients.

So put on your business best and bring your thinking cap – this year’s Innovators promises to continue a proud tradition of networking, innovation and business development in Winnipeg. We’re looking forward to building more connections in the industry we love.

Want to help us build connections and elevate the industry? You can sponsor The Innovators. Contact us.