January 2017 - Penguin + Stone: a labour of love

Penguin + Stone: a labour of love

They say if you can make it past the planning, having the wedding is a breeze.

Winnipeg startup Penguin + Stone is making wedding planning – and weddings themselves – a whole lot easier.

Penguin + Stone helps brides and grooms coordinate their big days, providing a reliable, credible and efficient one-stop shop where they can compare costs and aesthetics across many local vendors in distinct subject areas (like wardrobe, catering, photography, venue, décor, furnishing and flowers).

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December 2016 - Payworks: Paying it forward

Payworks: Paying it forward

If you’ve ever been paid late – or not paid at all – you know the value of reliable payroll. For Payworks, a 15-year-old payroll provider with over 14,000 customers across the country, that reliability is where their value starts, not where it ends.

It’s no coincidence we chose Payworks to profile during the holiday season, a time of year traditionally associated with giving.

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December 2016 - Norima Consulting

There are some people you just don’t ask for advice. Maybe they’re irrational; maybe they’re flighty; maybe they overestimate their own abilities.

They’re not Norima.

Norima Consulting provides well-thought-out, reasonable, steadfast and grounded-in-experience solutions in IT consulting and strategic resourcing. Norima’s expert consultants have a wealth of experience in diverse sets of industries, and they draw upon that wealth when helping clients choose which steps to take to help their clients find the right way forward.

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December 2016 - Imaginet

From its headquarters in downtown Winnipeg, Imaginet helps its clients leverage technology, software and mobile enterprise to realize the best possible versions of themselves.

Over its 18-plus years, Imaginet has innovated and honed the ways it works with clients. Offering a variety of services from data analysis to custom application and software development, Imaginet’s 51 employees approach their work goals-first and results-focused. They work backward with clients to study, plan and execute specialized, catered action in pursuit of each client’s desired business outcomes. They strive to form relationships with their clients, passing on expertise in easy-to-digest chunks and illustrating their results in ROI that can’t be denied.

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