Manitoba's tech sector is thriving. Winnipeg was named one of the top ten cities in Canada for tech companies in 2018. Innovation is happening in the prairies and we need to acquire, develop and retain talent to sustain the exponential growth tech companies in Manitoba are experiencing.

Coupled with TECH MANITOBA's strategies to encourage youth participation in tech (at all levels: K-12, college and university) is our commitment to making it easier to hire the talent you need. TECH MANITOBA and a few other tech associations were responsible for lobbying the government for the ability to fast-track experienced foreign (click link below for more information).

Tech companies are the backbone of the digital economy, and talent is the backbone of these tech companies.


Looking for talent abroad?

Manitoba's tech scene is exploding with opportunity, and now is the time to make your mark. The province attracts so many new companies and industries because of its population's diverse skills and expertise. Some categories of the growing and thriving ICT (information and communications technology) companies in the province include visual and motion graphics, digital agriculture, master data management, systems design, e-learning, security, and financial software.

Successful ICT Companies Need Diversity

With an unemployment rate of less that 3%, there are a great many opportunities to engage under-represented groups in the sector.

For example:

  • Women represent 47% of Manitoba’s work force, but only 27% of the ICT work force in 2017. The unemployment rate for women in ICT professions in Manitoba is only 1.3%.

One way TECH MANITOBA is promoting change is through MAVEN. This platform is dedicated to supporting women and girls to pursue STEM related careers, and help achieve gender parity in the tech sector.

  • Youth (age 15 – 24) are also under-represented, and they are the most vulnerable demographic in the ICT sector in terms of job security.

Our Disrupted conference and youth-oriented training are designed to provide skills to enhance employment and job security.

  • Immigrants participate in the industry at a rate of 9%.

TECH MANITOBA-funded programs like ComIT is working to assist immigrants in learning code so they can find better jobs within the tech industry.

  • Indigenous people represent less than 1% of employees in the tech sector.

We are working diligently with our partners to bring better connectivity to Indigenous communities in the north and train individuals in tech skills. Our Digital Literacy program, and our partnership with University College of the North will see us reaching undeserved populations with basic computer skills.

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